Quesnel Museum and Visitor Centre Renovation

Quesnel Museum Renovation Concept

The Quesnel Museum and Visitor Centre has completed its renovation. Updates include a new front façade with an accessible and energy-efficient entrance, redesigned layout to improve traffic flow and a new year-round accessible bathroom.  The “behind the scenes” space is now reorganized to meet museum and public health standards, creating a meeting room and catering kitchen, an office, and a curatorial workspace.  The project separated the ventilation systems for the building and the public bathrooms and also addressed drainage issues to reduce safety hazards in the winter.


This project follows recent upgrades to the area, including the new upgraded LeBourdais Park playground, redesigned Museum and Visitor Centre parking area with RV parking, new park signage and multiple Museum renovations over the last few years.

Following the City’s Economic Development Transition Strategy, this project supports Destination Development and Business and Resident Retention and Attraction. To learn more about the strategy, visit www.quesnel.ca/transition.

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