Proposed Dog Park

The City has changed the location of the dog park. The new location at Sugar Loaf Park in the ball diamond.

Why the change?

Unfortunately, the Nadeau Street location could not provide some key features that were noted by many as desired:

  1. washroom,
  2. water,
  3. accessible parking location.

These are all features that will be available at the new site.  At the Nadeau Street location, the access to the area where parking was being proposed was determined to have design issues that would likely need to be addressed.  The new location at Sugar Loaf Park will be a significant decrease in construction and maintenance costs for the City.

Council Report

On July 25, 2017, a report was presented to City Council in which Council provided direction to move the location to Sugarloaf Park based on these issues as well as the direction to proceed expediently as this has been a long outstanding request.

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