North Cariboo Trails Inventory and Master Plan

Trail map

The City has recently completed a North Cariboo Trails Inventory and Master Plan. Recognizing the value of motorized and non-motorized trails for both residents and visitors, the purpose of this project is to inventory and map the existing trails, trail uses, trail conditions, trail ownership, and trail maintenance responsibility in the region, and to create a master plan which identifies trails which may be marketed to visitors, and/or which may be further developed as “destination trails”, and provides a road map for marketing trails as a tourism asset in the region.

Trail Feedback

Thank you to those that completed the trail survey and provided input via the web app. The information gathered was used in the creation of the final plan.

Trail Specialist Visit

A trail specialist visited Quesnel and area in late September and spent 3 days experiencing as many of our trails as possible. He also stopped in at a few shops catering to trail users, and met up with a few stakeholders. The information gathered during this visit will factor in to the recommendations in the plan.

Final Report

View the final North Cariboo Trails Inventory and Master Plan.

View related maps:

Next Steps

Grant applications are underway in order to begin implementation of the plan.

Public Consultation
Open House - June 27, 2017

Thank you for attending the North Cariboo Trails Inventory and Master Plan Open House.

Open House - October 26, 2017

In case you missed it, please review the documents below.

Public engagement summary

Draft North Cariboo trail map

Stakeholder meeting presentation

These documents were presented and discussed at the North Cariboo Trails stakeholder meeting and public open house on October 27th. If you missed the meeting but would like to add your input before the plan is final, please email before November 3rd, 2017.

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