Indigenous Cultural Centre

The City and Quesnel and Lhtako Dene Nation have partnered to create a shared vision of an Indigenous Cultural Centre. If successful, this joint project will create a functional community space that will promote and celebrate local Indigenous culture.

The Cultural Centre concept first emerged during discussions with Lhtako Dene prior to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Lhtako Dene Nation and the City of Quesnel in 2017. The Indigenous Cultural Centre is a joint project between the City of Quesnel and Lhtako Dene Nation.

In developing the concept, Formline Architecture has held consultations with the Lhtako Dene Nation, the City of Quesnel, and potential partners who would utilize the centre. Two visioning workshops have been held to ensure many voices and ideas were heard.

The proposed location for the Centre is at Ceal Tingley Park at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers. This site is significant to Lhtako Dene as it was the location of a large settlement and it is also the site of first European contact. The current River Front Trail will be incorporated into the site plans.

The Centre will provide a local home for Lhtako Dene artifacts (currently stored at UBC), and will serve as a community gathering place. The shared vision for the Centre is a place for the whole community. The proposed concept includes a potential theatre space, gift shop, bistro, accessible washrooms, and space to display local art and larger pieces of significance.

On November 20, 2018, Quesnel City Council has approved funds to order a quantity survey for the proposed Indigenous Cultural Centre. Once the quantity survey is complete and the project cost is known, the City of Quesnel and Lhtako Dene Nation will prepare a grant application for funding.

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