Indigenous Cultural Centre

The City of Quesnel is supporting Lhtako Dene Nation in their vision to develop a cultural centre in Quesnel.

Through grant funding, the City of Quesnel has worked with the Lhtako Dene community to develop a business case and pre-design drawings for the Centre. The proposed Centre will be the home of Lhtako Dene artifacts, currently stored at UBC. Repatriating these artifacts to Lhtako Dene traditional territory will provide new learning opportunities for local indigenous and non-indigenous people and visitors. The proposed Centre will also include a 250 seat community assembly space which may be used for meetings, lectures, and cultural, musical, and theatrical performances. An art gallery, gift shop and café have also been included in the design.

Based on the culturally significant pit house structure, the Centre is proposed to have a living roof, be built to LEED Platinum standards, and will fit in the area currently known as Ceal Tingley Park, without disturbing the Riverfront Trail network. This location is historically important to Lhtako Dene as the site of a major settlement. It is also the site of first European contact between Lhtako Dene and Alexander Mackenzie, and the site where the Lhtako Dene met Simon Fraser.

Lhtako Dene Nation has submitted the project for funding to the Invest Canada Infrastructure program with the full support of Quesnel City Council.

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