Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The City of Quesnel and the Cariboo Regional District, with support from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and the Fraser Basin Council (FBC), are developing a new Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for the City and the Surrounding area

The Quesnel and Surrounding Area Community Wildfire Protection Plan is being established to address the threat of wildfire to public safety and property values. The CWPP is being developed to encourage governments, land users, and residents to coordinate management activities.

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The worksheet captures all plans and policies from organizations that are relevant to the CWPP.  Organizations within the area of interest are encouraged to fill our the worksheet. Please submit the worksheet to Erin Robinson, Fraser Basin Council (

The Process

Learn how we are developing the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

2007 Community Wildfire Protection Plan

In 2007, the City of Quesnel and the CRD, with support from the UBCM and FBC, developed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Since then, many significant factors have changed in the physical, economic, and political landscape and the CWPP for Quesnel and surrounding area needs to be renewed. The requirements for a CWPP, as mandated by the BC Wildfire Service, have also changed including the need to review the CWPP every five years.

2017 Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A multi-party meeting was held on May 18, 2017 in Quesnel City Council Chambers to discuss the development of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  This meeting gave all interested parties1 an opportunity, at the beginning stages, to identify values to be addressed and how they wish to be involved in the process of creating the new Quesnel and Surrounding Area Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

1 Lhtako Dene First Nation, Nazko First Nation, ?Esdilagh First Nation, Provincial Parks, Forest Licensees, BC Hydro, CN Rail, trails representatives, emergency management, Fire Centre, Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department, Forest Enhancement Society, FLNRO, CRD and other parties to be identified

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