Age-Friendly Assessment

People of all ages and ethnicities

The City has retained Cardea Health Consulting to carry out an Age-Friendly Assessment of the City of Quesnel. 

The Age-Friendly Cities initiative, started by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006, was designed to optimize the health, participation and security of older adults throughout the course of aging. This is achieved by encouraging communities to adapt structures and services that increase accessibility and inclusion. An Age-Friendly city focuses on its social and physical environments with respect to a mix of land-use, street connectivity, access to green spaces, and neighbourhood aesthetics to promote healthy aging as well as maintaining social ties to family and friends.  Age-Friendly cities offer benefits for the entire population in retaining a sense of attachment, familiarity, and identity of home and environment. Since 2009, the BC Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Union of BC Municipalities, has funded Age-Friendly projects in over 120 communities across the province.

Community engagement

One of the key features of an Age-Friendly Assessment is community engagement. The engagement process in Quesnel will include a range of consultations with older adults, caregivers and service providers, and will take place from April (in-person) to the end of May (by phone and online), with a completed Plan to be submitted to Council in June of 2018.

Online Survey

We would appreciate you taking 10-15 minutes of your time to complete the attached survey. If you are not comfortable answering a question, you can skip by it. Please keep in mind the survey questions have all been included for a reason. For instance, we ask about household income to find out if income is a barrier to accessing programs and services that the City of Quesnel and its partners provide. All of your answers are confidential.

By filling out this survey you are adding your voice to those of hundreds of other community members in Quesnel, and are having your say about the needs and priorities of those age 55+.

Take the survey!

World Cafe

The World Café will have older adults, caregivers, stakeholders and other community members sharing their views via consultations. World Cafés are designed to collect information from community members in a participatory way and are focused on conversations in small and larger groups. The environment is set up like a café, with tables for four to six people, in order collect ideas and discuss pre-determined questions. The participants are supplied with light refreshments. Table groups hold a series of conversational rounds lasting approximately 15 minutes (regarding one or two questions) and then are encouraged to move on to another table for another facilitated set of questions. In the Quesnel age-friendly consultation, this will happen four times and will be completed with a larger group debriefing. Focus groups will be held at a different time, will have fewer participants, and will work as one group throughout the session.

The process only pertains to the services that the City has a responsibility to provide.

RSVP for this cafe by contacting Rhya Hartley at or 250-991-7477.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Royal Canadian Legion Banquet Room, 262 Kinchant St

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