The purpose of the sign bylaw and sign permitting process is to afford the Quesnel business community equal and fair opportunities to advertise and promote business while preserving community aesthetics and beautification.

A sign is any object or device displayed outdoors and used to advertise or attract attention to a business, product, service or event.

A sign permit is required prior to a sign being constructed, moved, altered, placed or repaired in City limits. A sign permit must be obtained prior to ordering or constructing a sign.

A sign permit is required prior to any new signage; or alteration, or relocation of existing signage. The permit fee for new business signs located on a building (wall sign) is waived if you apply for it within 2 weeks of receiving Business License approval.

To obtain a sign permit, applicants need to submit an application with the requested drawings and appropriate fees to the Development Services Department at City Hall.

Sign Permit Application

Sign Regulation Bylaw No. 1852

Submission of application is not permission. Do not proceed until authorization is formally given.