Outdoor cafe

The City of Quesnel's NEW Outdoor Café Bylaw encourages the inclusion of more outdoor café’s in our downtown.  

New Policies

  1. There is no limit to the number of outdoor café’s permitted in the downtown.
  2. Outdoor Café’s are now allowed along portions of St. Laurent Avenue, Barlow Avenue, Mclean Street as well as Reid Street.
  3. Small Outdoor Cafes, defined as no more than 2 tables designed for 2 seats abutting the business frontage (ie along the building) while allowing for a 1.5m unobstructed pathway, may be permitted with a one-time $25 fee and entering into an encroachment agreement with the City.
  4. Large Outdoor Cafes, will require a building permit when initially constructed, a one-time fee of $100, and an encroachment agreement with the City.  Businesses are encouraged to review the outdoor café bylaw to learn about the types of large outdoor café’s permitted and the requirements for each.  Businesses are also encourage to speak with staff prior to submitting an application.

As long as Outdoor Café (large or small) owners/operators obtained an initial setup permit and maintain liability insurance with the City listed as an additional insured, they may maintain the outdoor café during the defined dates in the Outdoor Café Bylaw without additional approvals each year saving time and resources for business and City staff.

Outdoor Cafe Bylaw

Outdoor Cafe Location Map