Housing Developers

Are you interested in developing a housing project in the City of Quesnel? We want to work with you! Contact Development Services at developmentservices@quesnel.ca or call us at 250-992-2111.

The City has put together a Housing Developers Package to assist interested for-profit, non-profit, and community partners who may be interested in developing housing or forming partnerships. The package contains background information on the City’s Housing Needs, Gap Analysis, and Action Plan to help plan for development that meets Quesnel’s needs. There is an extensive inventory of programs and incentives offered by the municipality, provincial government, federal government, and external organizations that developers can take advantage of. The detailed list provides contact information, a basic overview of the program, financing, funding, and eligibility criteria.

Develop Housing in Quesnel

First, reach out to Development Services at developmentservices@quesnel.ca. The City can assist in explaining zoning bylaws and other relevant policies, forming partnerships, sharing incentives, and providing feedback.

The key to a successful project is a strong vision. With clear objectives and goals, the City will be better equipped to provide you with feedback during the development process. Visioning will also help guide your team’s business case and preliminary design process. It is recommended that you refer to Quesnel’s Housing Developers Package to review financing opportunities to make the project feasible.

Municipal Incentives

Below are incentives that the City of Quesnel offers to support residential density in our community.


The Multi-family Housing Incentive Program was created to encourage the development of multi-family buildings to provide more rental options for Quesnel residents, an incentive program was created to help make developments financially viable.

The program is intended to provide a 5 or 10 year tax exemption incentive for the development of multi-family housing units that improve accessibility as well as meet set design and livability standards. Additionally, development cost charges may also be waived for providing non-profit housing units and reduced for developments that are of a low environmental impact if they first meet the tax exemption incentives. View the printable fact sheet here

To apply, you must have a complete development permit submitted to Development Services for review.  For more information, view the City Incentives page.