Buying a property

Property Inquiry

We can provide public information on a City property – if you’re interested in purchasing or developing a property, you can request public information at no charge. The property inquiry will include a legal description, zoning, land conditions (such as flood plain or highway corridor), and a list of all building permits which have been issued from the City and whether they’re complete. Please allow 5 business days for us to process your request; an Owner Authorization letter is required to view any file plans or reports. If you require additional information, you will need to submit a formal Property Information Request

Property Information Request

A formal Property Information Request for a City property can also be provided – this letter will include information on Building Permits, Zoning, Fire Inspections, and Bylaw Infractions. The cost is $150 (plus GST), which includes 4 hours of staff research time; inquiries requiring extra research will be billed an hourly rate for additional time.

Formal Request for Property Information


Before purchasing a property, you should always check the zoning. The zoning will tell you what you can build (uses) and how many units (ie. residential) you can build (density). The zoning also specifies where you can build (required building distances from property lines) and how tall you can build. You should also check the Official Community Plan for the land use designation as this will impact what you may be able to rezone your property in the future.  

Development Considerations

Before purchasing a property, contact Development Services at 250-992-2111 to see if the property may be impacted by slope stability, floodplain, or other factors. 



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