Fitness Centre - Equipment


COVID-19 Update – Gym closure and fitness classes suspended.
On December 23, due to the new BC restrictions, the Quesnel Arts and Recreation Centre gym is closed and fitness classes are cancelled. These restrictions will be in place until January 18, 2022. The following are NOT impacted: walking track, public skating and drop-in skating programs, youth programs, art and culture classes, public swimming and aquafit classes.

The facility offers a wide variety of resistance and aerobic machines and is fully accessible.

Equipment at the Fitness Centre

•    7 Treadmills
•    5 Recumbent bikes
•    4 Upright bikes
•    2 rowing machines
•    8 Ellipticals
•    1 Jacob’s Ladder Climber
•    2 Stair climbers
•    1 Evolv Glider
•    1 Speed bag/punching bag
•    1  Smith machine
•    Assortment of weight machines
•    1  Summit Trainer
•    Universal gym(s)
•    1  Wheelchair accessible equipment
•    Free weights/weight bars
•    2 Cable cross-over machines
•    2 Spin bikes
•    1 Nordic Ski Machine
•    1 TRXs – suspension training
•    1 Large raised mat/stretch area

Accessible Equipment


Universal gym called the Equalizer. Made in Canada by a wheelchair bound adult, this piece of equipment takes into account wheelchair needs as well as able-bodied needs! This dual-purpose universal gym will meet every goal you have. Combine that with our Active Passive Trainer and our adjustable cable crossover machines; we have everything you need for a great full body workout!


The Paramill (wheelchair treadmill) is just one more opportunity to achieve cardio workouts and strength conditioning. Accessible to both standard & athletic
chairs, the Paramill's single or split roller options allow for customized rehabilitation and training in both forward and reverse motions.


The Active Passive Trainer (APT) is an exercise unit that provides both active resistance and passive motion. APT provides a wide range of exercises either workload dependent, where it provides a set level of resistance regardless of pedal speed, or Isokinetic, where resistance grows as effort increases. Come on in and try it!


The ultimate exercise and rehabilitation machine! At one time, this type of equipment would only be found in rehabilitation medical centers, but now active wheelchair users, sports enthusiasts or those in recovery can benefit from whole body workouts whenever they like. The fully adjustable unit is easily transferred to, and after securing the calf straps, a simple hydraulic mechanism raises the user into position. The user is then free to exercise the pull/push handles, altering the resistance as desired as fitness increases.

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