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Aquatics, Arts, Fitness, General, Skating
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Camps for all ages, abilities and interests run throughout the year. Check the schedule to see what is available and sign up today.

Camps are a great way to explore a sport, join in and make new friends!

Sport Camps

Wonderland Mountain Biking Camp

  • Ages 9 - 15 yrs

Let’s hit the biking trails and learn new skills, make new friends and have a little fun on the Wonderland Trails. Riders will progress their skills while creating life long memories with new friends. Please bring a water bottle and snack. Drop off and pick-up at the Wonderland Parking Lot located on Quesnel-Hydraulic Road.

The Wonderland Trails are located 10.2km southeast of Quesnel on Quesnel Hydraulic Road. These are multi-use trails for hiking, biking and snowshoeing. There is a parking lot and an information kiosk located at the trailhead.

Explore the Trails in the Quesnel Area


Scooter Camp

  • Ages 8-14yrs

This camp offers children a unique, exciting and engaging scooter riding experience unlike any other, whether they are looking to crush their first trick or continue to hone their skills as advanced riders. In our camp there will be a strong emphasis on safety and the importance of park etiquette and rules. We start off with an orientation to the parts of their scooters then onto the fun and interesting stuff!  Our instructors will work with campers to improve their balance, speed control, flexibility and develop safe falling techniques. There is a low instructor to child ratio for optimal support. Register early to ensure a spot. Children must bring their scooters, a proper skateboarding helmet and other padding as they see fit. Bike helmets are NOT accepted.


Youth Pickleball Camps

  •  7-10yrs
  • 11-15yrs

Learn to play the fastest-growing sport in North America and enjoy the benefits of social and physical well-being with other youth in the community Pickleball combines the elements of Badminton, Tennis and Ping-Pong, using a paddle and Wiffle ball. Experienced instructors and the Quesnel Pickleball Club will teach the basics of the game and help to build a solid foundation of skills. Join us for a little fun on the courts this summer!

7-10yrs / 11-15yrs
Beyond Beginners Youth Pickleball is a continuation program designed for participants who have already completed a beginner pickleball program or who are experienced and are looking for more advance skills.

Trek back into time to trace the tracks of the T-Rex and other exciting dinosaurs. Let’s explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs. This one-day camp will keep them entertained all day long.  Join our ‘paleontologist’ for a scavenger hunt, prospecting hike, fossil casting and digging, and watch raptors in action.

Two days of exploring the sport of archery. Every year this co-ed program teaches many technical skills to do with the sport but in an exciting and creative way. Shoot at targets and balloons from varied distances! This popular program always draws big numbers, so register early to ensure your spot. Held at the Quesnel Arts and Recreation Centre back parking lot. Please note that parents must stay onsite for this program.  Archery equipment will be provided.

There is no other way to put it... HIKING equals FUN, MEMORIES AND ADVENTURE! Hikers will go on a journey
of wonder and exploration on the Wonderland Trail. This program utilizes the mountain as a playground, inspiring juniors to get outdoors, connect with nature and make new friends.


Aquatic Camps

School's Out Pro-D Day Fun

  • Ages 7yrs+

On this Pro-D day join the aquatic staff with dive games, seaweed challenges, water pong, ring toss games and more. Take the day off to splash and play.


Aqua Safety Camp

  • Ages 6-8yrs

This is where sink or swim meets safety superheroes. In this powerful jam packed safety program, youth ages 6-8 years will learn how to prevent water-related incidents and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools when dealing with emergencies. The dry component includes personal safety, drug safety awareness, internet safety, bullying, and harassment. Instructors will take a careful approach with games and activities.

Cooking Creations Camp

  • Ages Kindergarten 5-12yrs

Make new friends while you discover new recipes! This camp is designed to get kids involved in the kitchen. Our team of chefs will be teaching campers how to prepare those school snack favourites to fuel them throughout the day. They will be preparing tasty mini pizza pockets, muffins, refreshing smoothies and more!  No need to send a lunch – we will eat what we make. Bring your swim wear as we will be joining the Aquatic Staff in the pool from 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

Pool Safari

  • Ages 7yrs+

Adventure’s away!  Underwater treasure chest seek and find, exotic animal window paintings, thrill-seeking high dive competitions, lifejacket diaper races, etc. Come and join us for hours of fun with games and prizes before our annual shutdown.

Art Camps

Book a Private Workshop or your next field Trip at the Quesnel & District Arts and Recreation Art Studio!

Customize your art experience in our Art Studio. We can create a workshop tailored just for you and your family, or build a home learners art course or even field trips for schools, daycares, Guides, Scouts and more! From painting to sculpting, our art studio is a great space to introduce art to your group. Our knowledgeable instructor will educate and engage children in an unforgettable experience.
For more information contact Tarin Lefebvre, Program Coordinator at or 250-991-4011


Cartooning Camp

  • Ages 8-15yrs

Unleash your funny side! Do you enjoy doodling and making up you’re your own comic characters and stories? Then this camp is for you. Explore the world of cartooning by learning tips and techniques of the trade from an experienced cartoonist. Come join our one day camp, make new friends and have a little fun!


Doodles! The art of drawing for kids!

  • Ages 7-14yrs

Learn all the basics to draw using a variety of media and papers. Using fun and interactive building block exercises, learn the concepts of line, shading, form, depicting three-dimensional space, texture, composition and perspective. This class is about teaching the basics to students and helping them express their story on paper.


Mud Pies

  • Ages 3-6yrs

Little hands will stay busy while pinching, rolling and squeezing clay. Basic hand-building skills will be utilized as children have fun working and creating unique ceramic pieces. Dress for mess.


Sewing - Make a tote bag

  • Ages 8–14yrs

Make your own fold-up tote bag in one class! Learn some sewing basics like threading a machine, winding a bobbin and more. Using a straight stitch sew a tote bag and learn how to make a flat felled seam to enclose the raw edges. A template will be made to help with cutting the fabric and a pocket will be added so that the bag can be tucked into and folded away! Sewing machine, iron and thread will be provided. Please bring 1 metre of 45" wide cotton fabric.



Imagination Park Summer Camp Special Event Fridays

Friday’s special event times vary according to the event. Parents, please remember to drop off and pick-up children at special event locations.

Week 1 - Kids Carnival

Join us as we hold our very own carnival! Learn to juggle, try target games and relay races as we enjoy a fun filled day at our carnival. Of course, no carnival is complete without some goodies and prizes!

Week 2 - Myth Busters

If you swallow gum does it really stay in your stomach? Is there a dark side of the moon? Can you shatter a penny with a hammer? Join our myth busters team as we dispel some of these mind-bending science myths. Use scientific investigation, exploration, crafts and games to determine if they are verified or busted.

Week 3 - Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Today is a day of adventure, creation and imagination. If your child enjoys making things with cardboard boxes and tape or is just up for a challenge this camp is perfect for them. In this super fun event kids will build, solve and construct box forts, cardboard boats, cars or castles.

Week 4 - Superheroes in Training

Calling all superheroes! Join us and let your powers shine! Campers will create their own hero capes and symbols, train to fight villains and even capture their own galaxy in a jar! Unleash your creativity and discover the hero within you!

Week 5 - Lets go Lego

Do you LOVE Lego? Then come and join us for a group build of machines, buildings and structures. The only thing that could stop your creativity is your imagination. Let’s see what you can create!  Hot dog lunch provided!

Week 6 - Little Chefs

Hmmm . . . anyone out there like to cook and eat? This special event is all about yummy food and a lot of fun. Spend the day with us in the kitchen as we cook up a storm.

Week 7 - Inventor's Workshop

Childhood curiosity, experimentation and imagination can develop one’s play instinct. Let’s brainstorm our way to creating popsicle stick catapults, candy dispensers that actually work and baking soda boats that zoom through water. You won’t want to miss out on this event!

Imagination Park Summer Camp

Quesnel Arts and Recreation Centre Summer Camps are filled with activities for children ages Kindergarten – 12yrs. Enroll in all, or pick a week of fun!

The program will run Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 3:30pm. Each week has an exciting theme ending with the ever-popular Special Event Friday. Friday’s special event times vary according to the event. Parents, please remember to drop off and pick-up children at special event locations.

Start and end the camp day with fun! Get active with games and sports, be creative with arts and crafts and enjoy some quiet time for reading too. Discover new friends when you join our Pre and Post-Care that is available Monday through Thursday. Pre-care is from 8:00am – 9:00am and post-care is from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. An additional fee for these care programs is required and can be added on when registering or after the fact.  

  • Please Note: If your child is on any medications for behavior modification, the summer program may not be the time to take him/her off of them. If your child has a support worker for any reason, please provide them for when your child is in the program. Though our staff is highly qualified, they are not support workers or special needs trained professionals. Consult with the Imagination Park Supervisor so we can provide a healthy outcome for your child and all of the other children involved.
Imagination Park Full Summer Camp

This program includes all eight theme weeks and all seven special event Fridays!  This program package has a savings of 10%.

Week 1 - Harry Potter Week

Calling all wizards! It’s time to get your acceptance letter
to the Camp of Wizardry! We will be hosting Hogwarts at Imagination Park this week! No matter which house you belong to, each little wizard will have an enchanting good time making wands, learning spells and learning the secrets of the wizarding world. It will be a truly magical experience.  “Expelliarmus”!

Week 2 - Survivor Week

This fun-filled week will be full of outdoor adventures, co-operative games, theme days, arts and crafts, and plenty of team building activities. The experience of “survivor” will be brought to our campers. It will be a week full of adventure!

Week 3 - Jurassic Adventure Week

Are you a big fan of dinosaurs? Unravel the mysterious world and go on an once-in-a-lifetime adventure back to the Mesozoic Era where these creatures walked the earth. Spend a fun-filled week at the learning all about dinosaurs through games, crafts, fossils, activities and more! You won’t want to miss this action-packed week!

Week 4 - Time Travellers Week

History class will come in handy on this adventure as we travel back in time to walk with the dinosaurs, visit pirates on the open sea, spend a day in the wild west and so much more. If you are up for an adventure this is the camp for you!

Week 5 - Fish are Friends, Not Food

Let’s explore the ocean and learn about the life under the sea with Bruce. This week is jam packed with activities that are exciting for kids of all ages. Learn about all the fascinating creatures that live in our oceans, create water science experiments, make crafts and participate in summer STEM activities.  These events are all on the list for this camp!

Week 6 - Wacky Wild Science Week

For the little mad creator in your house! Work with other inspired youth and let’s see what we can create! This week-long odyssey will have us predicting, observing and discovering the amazing world of science experiments.

Week 7 - Animal Planet Week

What child is not wild about animals? Animal planet brings you amazing animals, awesome crafts, fascinating facts and tons of fun! Get ready for a walk on the wild side through every continent on Earth! Kids can discover the animal kingdom like never before.

Week 8 - Best of the Best Week

Too many cool camps to choose from? We agree. This week we will check out best of the best. Explore science, tamper with technology, make some of the all-time favorite art and craft projects and race around playing outdoor gym games. We guarantee a week full of variety and fun!

Hockey Camp

Cariboo Elite Hockey Camps are dedicated and focus on player skill development through advanced teaching techniques, structured practices and high-performance off-ice training. The coaches are focused on providing leading-edge, top quality hockey instruction in a positive and supportive environment. Cariboo Elite will strengthen skills including skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting and goaltending, and allow your child to play alongside other kids who have the same love of the game. If your child wants to explore their love of hockey or take their ambitions of becoming a pro player further, Cariboo Elite hockey camps are the perfect opportunity. Explore the list of programs available here.

Power Skating Camp

AK Hockey is a hockey skating and skill development company training beginners to NHL.  All-stars such as Shea Weber, Jonathon Toews, Duncan Keith and many more. Brent Hayter will provide key components to skating correctly and will offer video analysis assisting the technical feedback to participants. This camp also touches on topics such as the fundamentals  of skating, balance and agility, power and quickness; this is a great camp to prepare for the upcoming season on the ice.  Birth year determines which camp your child is eligible for.

Skills Development

Quality instruction from past NHLer’s Ed Patterson & Chris Murray! Focus on fun, the core fundamentals of individual skill development, game tactics, high tempo drills, position-specific instruction, offensive and defensive tactics and conditioning. This camp is structured, safe, positive and has a fun environment for male and female players. Come on out and meet new teammates and make new friends with Cariboo Elite! Birth year determines which camp your child is eligible for.

The on-ice focus for the camp is:

  • Power skating techniques
  • Puck management and skills
  • Game situation drills
  • Small area games
  • End of camp championship game
  • 2.5 hours of ice time daily and 1 hour of dryland training


Skills Development & Power Skating Combo Camp

This is the best of both camps at a discounted camp price. Join for two full weeks of hockey camps; prepare yourself for the upcoming season with some of the top coaches in BC.  Birth year determines which camp your child is eligible for.

Skills Goalie Camp

Are you a goalie that wants to take your skills to the next level? This three day camp provides goalies the latest in current training techniques and offers a wide range of building blocks that cover the fundamental goaltending skills including body position, proper stance, angles and crease depth, and save technique with rebound control. During this camp you will not only have
a 60 minute goal tending specific session but you will also join your respected pods for on-ice group work to put your skills to practice. This practice will allow you to integrate new knowledge into game/drill situations.

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