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Lori Smetaniuk, Service Clerk, Quesnel Arenas

The Service Clerk delivers administrative and customer services at the Quesnel Arenas Centre including facility room bookings, ice-time bookings and City Park bookings.

Phone: 250-992-7125

About the West Fraser Centre and Arena2

The Arenas have 2 dry/ice surfaces, a multi-purpose room, and a meeting room available for non-profit and private events. Book ice to play hockey, practice your skating skills, plan a corporate fun night or enjoy a skate with your family. Arena Office is located in the Arena 2 concession.

Admission Rates

Rules of the Rink:

  • No expelling of bodily fluids, even on the ice surface e.g.: Spitting – zero tolerance, and you will be asked to leave building.
  • Wear your helmet when learning or playing.
  • The staff reserve the right to refuse access to the facility at their discretion. This includes patrons who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Anyone being verbally or physically abusive towards staff or other patrons will be asked to leave the facility immediately, this includes players and people watching from the stands.

Ice capacity is according to your Return to Play Plan and Cohorts.
There will only be two Dressing Rooms available per session/ game. One shower is available, but please keep in mind that you only have 15 minutes to exit building.
Please remember to keep physically spaced while off the ice. There will be tape on the ice area glass, for kids to keep distance while on the ice.
The FIELD OF PLAY is now considered the arena playing surface, players’ benches and penalty boxes. In all other areas of the arena (hallways, change rooms, equipment areas etc) players and coaches are to remain 6 ft apart maintaining physical distancing protocols.

  • There will be hand sanitizer and soap in appropriate areas.
  • As per Public Health we are required to have everyone that enters our facility to provide their name and phone number for Contact tracing.
  • If another team or member in your cohort is from another town, we will need to know a week prior to ice time, and they must follow our guidelines and your Return to Play plan. Please email the information to
  • If user groups do not follow the guidelines stipulated by the City of Quesnel, we are mandated by the Provincial Health Organization to take appropriate action to rectify. Actions could include suspension of arena use until reasonable measures are agreed to by City of Quesnel personnel and the organization/user.
ice Times

Each group has only 15 minutes to exit the building after their ice time is complete to allow time for the next group to be allowed in building.  Doors will be locked after users are on the ice.

Arena staff requires a half hour between ice times in order to clean the ice and areas. Groups will start their ice time fifteen minutes into their session and will need to remove themselves from the ice fifteen minutes before the end of their session. The next group will then be allowed on the ice 15 minutes into their ice time, and so on. E.g. If the ice is booked 5pm-7pm, your group will be able to go on the ice at 5:15pm and will then be asked to be off the ice at 6:45pm. The next group will then be able to go on the ice at 7:15pm (even though they are booked to start at 7pm). This allows the staff the time to be able to properly clean the areas.
Booking times will be staggered between each arena. E.g.: if the West Fraser Centre ice time starts at 5pm, Arena #2 ice won’t start until 5:30pm. Booking times will be adjusted to reflect both arenas.

Each user group will be required to have a contact tracing system.  Staff at the Arena(s) will require all who enter the facilities to record the date, name, phone number and the name of the group they are with. This information will need to be submitted or e-mailed to Lori Smetaniuk every Friday. 

If you have any ice changes or inquiries, please contact Lori Smetaniuk by email

Return to Play

Each local sport organization is expected to follow its Provincial Sport Organization’s Return to Sport plan approved by its Board of Directors and in reference to the guidelines provided for the sport sector by ViaSport. Other user groups are expected to have a similar plan outlining its safe practices to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Sport groups should consider the following when developing their return to play plans:

Meet the provincial guidelines in the delivery of the activity by:

  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Minimal sharing of equipment
  • Focus on skill development and small group training
  • Games/scrimmages approved following the new ViaSport Cohort model

User groups will be required to remain flexible to accommodate and respond to changes in the community. If you are unsure of restrictions within the community contact Northern Health. Learn more at

The City is not approving (or denying) the content of any organizations Return to Play Plan. The only requirement we have is that organizations booking facilities, parks and fields have a comprehensive Return To Play Plan/COVID Safety Plan in place. The onus is on the organization to develop their own plans based on the information available to them through the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafe BC, ViaSport, Northern Health, BC Recreation & Parks Association and their Provincial Sport Org’s approved return plans.

We are doing our best to accommodate all users during this pandemic. We are open to calm discussion to help navigate issues that may come up as we move ahead. Although we feel we have process in place for use of our facilities, like you, we are learning and having to adapt to change weekly, sometimes daily to COVID-19 policies.

User groups are to submit their Return to Play Plans by email to for filing and future use.

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